Alan Perdue

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VOTE May 8th 2018

Guilford County Commissioner District 2


Polls open at 6:30 AM and close at 7:30 PM

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As a public safety responder, Alan knows the importance of providing essential County services for the public.  At the same time, as a small business owner, he understands the value of keeping taxes as low as possible in order for individuals and businesses to keep their hard earned dollars.  During his time on the Board of Commissioners, he has supported reducing the property tax rate while increasing funding of essential County services like education, public safety and economic development.  Alan was proud to support the expansion of the Family Justice Center expansion into the High Point area.

To help accomplish these expansions, Alan has been a vocal advocate for better data collection and analysis of trends and issues impacting the county.  He believes that in order to properly evaluate the effectiveness of an operation you must measure it just like they did at Emergency Medical Services.  Alan feels that utilizing similar processes in other areas of County service delivery will allow limited resources to be better allocated where they are actually needed. It is vital for our citizens that all county services be as efficient, effective and responsive as possible.




Guilford County Commissioner District 2